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5. Landmarks and Personalities
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10. Early Automobiles
11. The Dump
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streets of Boston and over to M.I.T. where he was an eminent professor of mathematics and engineering. He went to Europe at least once a year and when, about 1912, he had completed his fiftieth round trip, he was cited in the newspapers for the       unusual achievement.
   From a worldly point of view Uncle William was the most distinguished member of the family. According to Who's Who       he was a pioneer in technical instruction, author of scientific   papers and books, and Secretary of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences for over twenty years. In 1878 he represented the American Society of Civil Engineers at the Paris Exposition   and was elected a member of the French Society of Civil Engin-eers, made honorary president of the Paris Congress of Archi-tects, honorary vice president of the Congress of Hygiene, and honorary president of the engineering section of the French Association for the Advancement of Science. This latter honor   was repeated in 1881, 1883, and 1889. Also in 1889 he became vice president of the International Congress of Construction    which was presided over by his friend Eiffel for whom the tower    in Paris was named.
Other learned societies he belonged to included the National Academy of Cherbourg, the Berlin Society of Industrial Engin- eers, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the American Society for the Advancement of Science which made  him a fellow.
His many Atlantic crossings do not seem unreasonably exces-    sive in view of all this.