1. The Fiske Family
2. The Bennetts
3. The Dicksons
4. The Abbey
5. Landmarks and Personalities
6. The Great Road
7. The South Side
8. Merriams and Fields
9. Sold to Riley
10. Early Automobiles
11. The Dump
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Merriams and Fields

   Two families in town that I was very close to were the    Merriams and the Fields. The Merriams lived at the junction of Concord Road and Merriam Street in a house dominated by Grampa Merriam, a picturesque man with a long white beard.   You would often see him walking absent-mindedly along the Sidewalk on his way to Cherry Brook Station — or maybe driving his horse down to the Golf Club for a round of golf with Uncle Andrew Fiske. These rounds were not particularly appreciated    by golfers, because neither he nor Uncle Andrew could hit a ball very far and on weekends they got in everyone's way.
   When Grampa walked to Cherry Brook Station, his family    were never sure when he might walk back again — perhaps the same day or perhaps weeks later. He never told anyone where    he was going and, as he was a poor correspondent, the only    news to reach home came from friends who happened to run     into him somewhere. Once my Grandfather Dickson was sitting    on the porch of a hotel in Switzerland watching a group of