1. The Fiske Family
2. The Bennetts
3. The Dicksons
4. The Abbey
5. Landmarks and Personalities
6. The Great Road
7. The South Side
8. Merriams and Fields
9. Sold to Riley
10. Early Automobiles
11. The Dump
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steamer for Europe and began searching her purse frantically       for her ticket which had somehow disappeared. She was practi-cally in hysterics over the loss when an unidentified gentleman    who was seeing some friends off, learned of her predicament      and bought her a new ticket. Later it was discovered that the     kind gentleman was Charles H. Fiske Esq. of Weston.
   Thanksgiving dinners at Uncle Charlie's have left a vivid im-pression on my memory — the whole family, young and old,  having their annual get-together and, according to my father, the house bulging with argumentative relatives. The young ate their dinner in a room across the hall from the grownups but we       made so much noise ourselves we never heard these arguments.
   Although a very astute man in business, Uncle Charlie showed    a gullible side when his dog Peter disappeared one day. He searched high and low for him and finally, as a last resort,  consulted a clairvoyant who went into a trance and saw Peter in  the lap of a rich lady driving through a park in Washington, D.C. She described the exact location and Uncle Charlie took a train    to Washington and waited a long time for Peter to show up, but   he never did.
   For many years Uncle Charlie had a cook, Mary McDonald, with a tremendous mouth — so large that she boasted she could open it wide enough to get a billiard ball inside. One day my    father and a number of his cousins attempted to call her bluff      and handed her a billiard ball. She got it in without any trouble,    but it took a doctor to get it out.
   Cousin Charlie, Uncle Charlie's only son, occupied the old   house that Uncle Charlie had moved next to his own. His wife, Cousin May, was the most stylish member of the family — out -