1. The Fiske Family
2. The Bennetts
3. The Dicksons
4. The Abbey
5. Landmarks and Personalities
6. The Great Road
7. The South Side
8. Merriams and Fields
9. Sold to Riley
10. Early Automobiles
11. The Dump
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The Dump

   When Weston celebrated its 200th anniversary in 1913 I was nine and a half years old. This was a great event in the annals of   the town, but my memories are principally of a few things that  seem fairly unimportant in retrospect. There was an orator with    an emotional voice who spoke from the lawn in front of the Unitarian Church; a great parade with a brass band and elaborate floats, of which I remember very little; an exhibition of Weston antiques at the Jones house, which included our family high      chair; and a pageant in a natural amphitheatre near Winsor's     Pond in which I played a minor role. The pageant depicted    scenes from Weston history, documented and legendary, and the part I remember best was seeing the Norsemen row across the pond in a great barge and land on the near shore. They wore   black costumes and carried shields and my father was one of   them. When the pageant was over I went to Cutting's Store, hot and tired, and quenched my thirst with tonic.
   Uncle Joe Smith, as we called him, wrote and produced the