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10. Early Automobiles
11. The Dump
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Page 153 Weston, MA Real estate

back to the base for them.
   A German submarine was firing on barges off Nauset Beach   and setting them afire. People on shore watched the whole pro-ceeding, unable to do anything about it. When the newly armed planes arrived, they were still unable to do much about it because their guns refused to function properly; one frustrated pilot, in desperation, threw a monkey wrench at the submarine crew.  Finally the German captain waved goodbye to the planes, sub-merged his craft and disappeared.
   On the pretense of going to Boston, my father and Eddie     Green snuck away and drove over to Nauset Beach to see what was happening, but they arrived there too late.
   After the submarine episode, sabotage was suspected among personnel at the air base, and an investigation began into all   phases of the attack. Many rumors were rife — one that noc- turnal signals were being flashed out to sea from the hill behind    our house. Night after night we looked for them but never          saw any.
   One night as we were sitting around by lamplight (we had no electricity until the early thirties) there was a knock at the door.   My father let in two men who carried revolvers and announced   that they were from the secret service and that our house was surrounded by armed guards, which, on looking out the window  we found to be true. The head man spread out some papers on   the table and said, "Here's my authority."
   "And here is mine," said my father, taking his Weston police badge from his pocket and laying it beside the documents. He    was a member of the auxiliary police force and always carried     his badge with him.