1. The Fiske Family
2. The Bennetts
3. The Dicksons
4. The Abbey
5. Landmarks and Personalities
6. The Great Road
7. The South Side
8. Merriams and Fields
9. Sold to Riley
10. Early Automobiles
11. The Dump
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Weston  Massachusetts property and homes brought to you by Diana Chaplin



   Their son Andy used to visit us frequently and every time he  came my father greeted him with, "Where's that bag of gold    you're going to bring me?" He always maintained that Uncle Gus had so many bags of gold stashed away he could well afford to send one of them to his poor relatives in Weston. Apparently   Andy told Uncle Gus about this and Uncle Gus gave him a little wooden container with a dozen shiny pennies in it, and said,    "Here — give this to Uncle Brent the next time he asks for a bag   of gold." It all worked perfectly and the container and contents went on display in my father's curio cabinet which pleased       Andy no end.
   Aunt Esther died in 1923 which was a great blow to all the family. I was in Arizona when I heard the news and I had a hard time believing such a thing was possible.
   As far back as I could remember, her portrait as a very young child, hung over the fireplace in my grandmother's dining room.  One day when I was there Uncle Gus came to call and he was hardly across the threshold when my grandmother walked to the fireplace, took the portrait off its hook and handed it to him.
   "You must have this," she said, "because it will mean so much    to you and your children."
   He thanked her then explained the main purpose of his visit       — to tell her that he was going to be remarried !