1. The Fiske Family
2. The Bennetts
3. The Dicksons
4. The Abbey
5. Landmarks and Personalities
6. The Great Road
7. The South Side
8. Merriams and Fields
9. Sold to Riley
10. Early Automobiles
11. The Dump
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through this display of grandeur, you entered the theatre which seated over two hundred people, and where plays were given  twice a year by the First Parish Friendly Society. Another con-versation piece of this gorgeous villa was the master bathroom    and its sunken tub, draped with yellow curtains. Horace Sears    got rich quick and his taste showed it !
   Besides giving the Bennett family a raw deal in the settlement     of my grandfather's business affairs, an account of which is not within the scope of this volume, he also left a will which was     most disappointing to his niece and his nephews. He had been   their rich bachelor uncle and they expected to inherit a substan-   tial fortune, but such was not to be. Instead, they each received      a legacy, very much smaller than what they thought it should      have been, while all of his real estate, including the great mansion, was left to a business partner, Harry Bailey.
   A nephew, Frank Sears, seemed especially upset. My mother, however, felt certain that she could heal all the differences and misunderstandings by having the Baileys and Frank Searses get together and talk things over quietly, so she invited both families    to dinner. The Baileys arrived first and were sitting in the parlor when the Searses arrived. Mr. Sears was hardly in the house    when he saw who was there. He told my mother that he was very sorry but he simply could not stay under the circumstances;       then taking his hat and his wife he made a rapid departure.
   A number of years later Mrs. Frank Sears made a momentous decision. She announced to Aunt Sophy, "Sophy — I've decided to bury the hatchet. I'm inviting Helena Bailey to join our Shakespeare Club."
   Mrs. Bailey, whose husband inherited the Sears house, was