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Atrium School


23 minutes / 11.64 miles from Weston Center
110 Coed students, grades K-6.
Student/Faculty ratio: 16:1.

Class size:

Kindergarten- 11 students
Grade 1 - 16 students
Grade 2 - 20 students
Grade 3 - 18 students
Grade 4 - 18 students
Grade 5 - 12 students
Grade 6 - 11 students

We are a progressive school, which means that we value the social development of children as much as we do their cognitive and academic growth. We believe that getting into things deeply and meaningfully is more important than knowing a little about a lot. Our students become good at working on teams, valuing diversity, multi-tasking, thinking creatively and critically, and showing what they know and understand in a myriad of powerful ways.

Atrium is a school with interesting traditions: we have an open assembly every Friday where we celebrate what is going on in our classrooms, what is happening with the seasons around us, special visitors and friends, and we sing from our own songbook in a variety of languages. We honor our own special days and seasons like the harvest, the Winter Solstice, the arrival of spring, and our own closing of the academic year. Atrium children learn to be flexible and adaptable, and our graduates go on to large schools, small schools, competitive schools, and magnet schools, public schools and private schools, as we believe that the skills children learn at the Atrium will equip them well for life, as well as for the next school.

“Once they have their hands in something, it triggers everything in their brain.” — Merry Murray, Atrium teacher, on observing first graders

“The best way I know how to teach is through relationship. Getting to know and love, every single child, is the way to reach them. Developing a lasting, trusting relationship with children makes them want to be the best person they can be. If you see a child is precious, important, smart, then they start to see it to. The best way to help children shine is to see them as shiny.” — Jill Ferraresso, Atrium Teacher