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7 minutes/3.6 miles from Weston Center
Coed students, 3 months to 5.6 years years

Children ages 3 mos. to 2.9 yrs. explore and learn about themselves and their world in the enriching environments of our infant and toddler programs. Our youngest children discover through their senses. They experience new sights and smells; they react to new sounds and rhythms. They touch and explore new objects all the while internalizing the difference among shapes, textures, and surfaces.
For preschoolers ages 2.9 through 5.6 years, our program integrates all aspects of a child’s development. Each area of growth is of equal importance in offering the child an opportunity to grow to their fullest potential. For young children learning is best accomplished through doing, observing and discovering. This hands-on approach is interwoven throughout the preschool curriculum. Children have various opportunities such as going on fieldtrips, planting vegetables in our garden, assisting in the care of classroom pets and participating in classroom routines.
Within this context the teachers are viewed as facilitators of development. The qualities of warmth, sensitivity and understanding, along with the ability to enter into a child’s world, is of prime importance in helping to offer a stimulating environment which promotes active learning. Specialists, as well as parents with expertise in various fields, add additional enrichment to the curriculum. The unique design of each classroom includes fully equipped learning centers where daily explorations, discoveries, manipulations and transformations take place.
For those children 4 ½ -5 ½ years of age, Beginnings has a program which qualifies as a certified kindergarten experience. Based on Beginnings’ philosophy of learning, children upon graduation can be assessed by parents, teachers,and staff to determine their readiness for kindergarten or first grade. The program integrates a wide range of readiness experiences which fully prepare children for their entrance into elementary school.