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The Belmont Hill School


20 minutes/11.53 miles from Weston Center
437 Boy students, grades 7 to 12.
Student/Faculty ratio: 6:1.

Belmont Hill is a community dedicated to developing boys in mind, body, and spirit. In a school that challenges and supports students in and beyond the classroom, we strive for excellence, honoring clear thinking and creativity, competition and teamwork, tradition and vision. Valuing difference, we seek students, faculty, and staff from a broad range of backgrounds who will embrace honest effort, curiosity, courage, and compassion. Working together, we seek to foster in each boy good character, commitment to service, global responsibility, and a passion for lifelong learning.
Part of what makes this rigorous, traditional New England boys school distinctive is the clarity of its mission. We work hard to live what we say we are every day. Thus, we hope the remarkable range of activities and programs we describe here helps you understand the excitement of this place: its rich diversity of people, programs, and opportunities as well as its unifying vision of community and purpose.
Dr. Richard I. Melvoin