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Boston University Academy


23 minutes/14.26 miles from Weston Center
150 Coed students, grades 9 to 12.
Student/Faculty ratio: 8:1.

The mission of Boston University Academy is to educate talented students who are passionate about learning and who share the joy of inquiry. Engaging with dedicated teachers in a small and caring community, students first immerse themselves in a classically-based curriculum and then continue to expand their intellectual interests in high school at Boston University, a major research institution
Head of School Welcome
I love Boston University Academy for many reasons, not least for its unique blend of an independent high school with a major research university. Our students have no ceiling to their intellectual growth, as they cross-register for a wide array of University courses before they graduate. In addition, the University’s facilities are our playground: we use a reserved dining room in BU’s student union for our lunch, BU’s boathouse for our crew team, BU’s stages for our performing arts, and BU’s labs for our internships. BU Academy even has the biggest high school library in the world (BU’s Mugar Library!).
More important to deep learning than University courses and facilities, however, is the strong rapport that grows between Academy teachers and students, with the chance to build a similar rapport with BU professors, especially when writing a senior thesis with one of them. I recall my most important teachers, and know that an emotional bond is a necessary spark to real intellectual curiosity.
In this spirit, beyond addressing our students’ intellectual needs, we continue to support their social and emotional growth with a small, nurturing Academy community, full of sports, the arts, activities, community service, and traditional high school events (like Homecoming and Prom). A caring heart breeds a subtle mind, and all knowledge needs to be grounded in values that support others in the wider world.
So we truly embody the best of both worlds — as a nurturing high school for teenage development, and simultaneously as a research university for sophisticated intellectual growth. This makes us a happy place, full of intellectual energy. Our website conveys the good spirit behind our motto, which I always say with a smile: “Nil Doctis Arduum * Nothing Daunts a Scholar.”
Jim Berkman