Weston Town Hall in Winter - February, 2016

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Cambridge School of Weston


7 minutes/2.41 miles from Weston Center
325 Coed students, grades 9 to 12.
Student/Faculty ratio: 6:1.

CSW is a warm and spirited community that values intellectual challenge, artistic expression and individual growth. Our students are encouraged to participate in self-directed , and to feel empowered to make decisions about their academic and social lives. Diversity and community service play a large role at CSW; students are inspired to seek opportunities to share each others worlds, as well as celebrate differences of opinion, expression, and cultural background.
Active discourse is a hallmark of school life. We gather often, talk with one another, and exchange ideas. Our students play an essential part in school decision-making, openly discussing issues at weekly assemblies, as well as voting on school policies at town meetings. They also serve on multiple school governance boards, including the Board of Trustees, , and Dorm Board.
Emphasis in this community is on learning through experiences. Teachers are approachable and caring, committed to offering guidance, support, and encouragement to our young people. At CSW, everyone is on a first name basis - a deliberate and successful practice that has helped create an open, accepting, and respectful environment.