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Charles River School


29 minutes/13.85 miles from Weston Center
215 Coed students, grades Pre-K to 8.
Student/Faculty ratio: 8:1.

Charles River School is an independent school offering students in Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade a strong academic program dedicated to providing a developmental curriculum that is vibrant, challenging, and stimulating in an environment that celebrates learning and values each member of its community.
At Charles River School, we:
Challenge children with an engaging academic, arts, and athletic program that stimulates intellectual curiosity, supports risk-taking and fosters exploration and discovery;
Honor children as individuals, and nurture their development, self-worth and achievement;
Cultivate a community that approaches education as a shared endeavor among parents, students and teachers;
Respect ourselves and others, and prepare children to be active participants in our diverse world.
Charles River School is a school where individual differences are respected. We actively seek children who are ready for the challenges of interdisciplinary and collaborative learning, divergent thinking, and academic risk-taking, who will contribute to the community, and who will maintain a diversity of backgrounds and strengths in our student body. As we articulate in our Statement of Philosophy, "An excellent education must instill in children an understanding of and appreciation for our diverse world. Charles River School is committed to providing an environment and an education that encourages children to respect all people, to consider historical and contemporary issues from many perspectives, and to become informed, active members of society."