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Dana Hall School


19 minutes/7.15 miles from Weston Center
482 Girl students, grades K to 12.
Student/Faculty ratio: 7:1.

294 Students Boarding
Day Student Ratio 8:1
Dana Hall School is committed to fostering excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics within a vibrant, caring community. With emphasis on integrity, leadership, diversity, and service as well as on respect for self and others, Dana Hall provides its students with a unique opportunity to prepare themselves for the challenges and choices they will face as women and citizens of the world.
The students at Dana Hall are the beneficiaries of an all-girls’ education. Research indicates that graduates of schools for girls are more comfortable taking risks and more likely to become leaders. After all, every leadership position is held by a girl! As a result, the students find their voices and develop confidence. It is clear that the graduates of Dana Hall believe they are capable of accomplishing just about anything.
The academic program at Dana Hall is challenging and exciting. The girls are able to choose from among a wide variety of courses in all disciplines including Advanced Placement and honors courses. Every student learns to write and think analytically and creatively. The dedicated and inspirational teachers make learning come alive for the students. Each classroom is filled with engaged students who raise their hands enthusiastically and participate actively. In addition, the faculty encourage and support each student individually. We want the girls to succeed.
At Dana Hall, every girl is well-known and celebrated for her special talents and strengths. As a result, each student is able to fulfill her potential. While academics are of critical importance, the athletes, actors, and artists are equally appreciated. Finding balance in life is a goal of the Dana Hall education. The school wants every girl to develop respect for others, a sense of responsibility, and a commitment to helping those less fortunate. In fact, Dana Hall’s motto, Amor Caritas, which literally translates to love and caring, is an indication of the value placed on creating compassionate citizens of the world.
A strong sense of community is obvious from the first moment you walk onto the campus. School spirit and pride are demonstrated at morning meetings, athletic events, and the blue white competition. Traditions, some of which are over 100 years old, play an important role at Dana Hall and create lasting memories for the girls.
I hope you will visit the scenic campus, meet students and faculty, and witness the excitement and joy of girls expanding their horizons. I look forward to meeting you and your family.
-Caroline Erisman, Head of School