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Fay School


28 minutes/21.38 miles from Weston Center
380 Coed students, grades 1 to 9.

Day Students Grades 1-9.
Boarding Students Grades 6-9.
254 Upper School Students Grades 6-9.
110 Boarding Students
144 Day Students
126 Lower School Students Grades 1-6.
"To educate the whole child to his/her fullest potential in preparation for a productive and fulfilled life."
Academic Excellence
Love of learning and teaching, and striving for mastery in both finding encouragement and support for learning and teaching within the Fay community being curious, creative, open to new ideas, and to taking risks in order to learn and teach contributing to a safe and secure learning environment taking responsibility for personal intellectual development
Earnest Effort
Valuing the tradition of earnest effort and its important role in the Fay community Determination to do ones best at all times with the goal of reaching ones potential Demonstrating perseverance in adversity, and having the courage to try again
Honorable Conduct
Following the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you Being honest and truthful Choosing the good among difficult choices and encouraging others to do the same Being responsible for ones actions and interactions within the community Trying to understand, and respecting, the needs and feelings of others Valuing and celebrating the diversity among people in the Fay family
Dedicated Service
Caring for the well-being of each member of the community Having and showing compassion for others Being generous with personal time, talent, and resources Striving to improve the Fay community and encouraging others to do the same Demonstrating stewardship of the earth and care for the environment Wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit
Striving for emotional, spiritual, and physical fitness Taking time for personal reflection and finding joy in life
Sharing delight and laughter with others Offering help when others are in emotional, spiritual, or physical need, and seeking such help for oneself when necessary