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The Fenn School


21 minutes/12.11 miles from Weston Center
304 Boy students, grades 4 to 9.
Student/Faculty ratio: 6:1.

Average class size: 14
The guiding principle of The Fenn School is to educate boys in grades four through nine for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and integrity. Inspired by the School’s motto, Sua Sponte, each boy is valued for his unique qualities and is challenged to accept responsibility for his own learning and development, and for the well-being of others.
A balanced program of rigorous academics, athletics, and the arts enables boys to discover and expand their own talents in a personal and diverse community. Boys embark on their adolescent and secondary school years with confidence and knowledge. Honesty, respect, empathy, and courage are the moral underpinnings of the School and provide the foundation for each boy’s growth toward becoming a responsible adult.
It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Fenn School. Fenn is an independent day school for boys in grades four through nine. It is a warm and personal community where boys experience the serious business of learning in an environment that is fun, exciting, challenging, and highly rewarding. At Fenn, dedicated teachers build upon the natural exuberance of young boys to instill a love of learning and create a sustaining climate for personal and intellectual growth.
Our campus was once a farm located on the outskirts of Concord, not far from the Old North Bridge, where the Minutemen first struggled for independence. The feeling of that earlier farm remains today, from Fenns spacious playing fields to the simple white buildings that house our classrooms, laboratories, woodworking shop, art studios, library, and gymnasiums. We use this peaceful setting to its full advantage—as a place for studious endeavors, for vigorous outdoor activities, and for developing friendships, confidence, and character.
A unique spirit pervades Fenn. It exists most obviously in the physical energy of our students—a vibrant enthusiasm that you see, hear, and feel wherever Fenn students gather to work or play or share ideas. Caring teachers provide the wisdom and skill that guides this spirit. These men and women are dedicated not just to teaching, but to the teaching of elementary and middle school boys—helping each student discover his strengths, his individual gifts of self-expression and his own sense of self-worth. Our teachers are equally dedicated to the partnership between parents and school that best ensures each boys growth.

Our educational philosophy is based on a balanced commitment to high academic standards, a deep appreciation of the arts and a strong program of athletics. This balanced approach nourishes the whole boy—in mind, spirit and body—and creates a learning experience broad enough to allow each boy to find areas in which he can excel and build a foundation of personal confidence as he embarks on the challenges of adolescence and secondary school.

Our school motto is Sua Sponte or on his own responsibility: It captures for us the ultimate goal of a Fenn education—the development of each boys personal independence that will allow him to thrive in life after Fenn. In a boys years with us, we are devoted to providing the environment that will nurture this very independence.

Fenn provides an atmosphere that supports responsible risk-taking; a faculty that nurtures, motivates and challenges each boy on an individual basis; and a breadth of educational opportunities that calls forth the talents and interests of all our students. In the end, we strive to graduate young men who are independent, lifelong learners and sensitive and responsible citizens who know and live the meaning of community.

We celebrate and are dedicated to the growth of boys into young men. In an atmosphere of respect and caring, we strive to develop love of learning, leadership and responsibility in every boy. Our faculty, students, and parents share the strong belief that Fenn is a truly special place.
Jerry Ward, Headmaster