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Fessenden School


14 minutes/5.15 miles from Weston Center
482 Boys students, grades K to 9.

Upper School(Grades7-9) 206 students
Boarding Optional 5-9th grade. 5 day boarding available
The mission of The Fessenden School is to teach, nurture and celebrate growing boys; cultivating each student’s individual potential and developing in balance his mind, character, heart and body in an inclusive and joyful community that, through rigor, friendship and service, reflects Fessenden’s traditional values of honesty, compassion and respect.
Honesty, Compassion and Respect
After more than 100 years, these three values could ring hollow, but they are solid at Fessenden and continue to be our guiding principles. From the Headmaster down, boys are taught, guided and supported by a community united by these common and timeless values. Boys may lose their way at times, but with the consistent guidance and example that adults provide in their academic, social and emotional lives at Fessenden, they find their path and grow stronger from the journey. Fessenden aims to develop well-rounded citizens. Academics are valued, of course, but many boys find that in addition to academics they learned important life lessons during their time at Fessenden.
Parents of both day and boarding students play an integral part at Fessenden. Informed and involved, they are a vibrant, driving force supporting their son’s educational and personal growth. Regular two-way communication between parents and their son’s teachers and advisors is a critical factor in each boy’s success. Our open and welcoming atmosphere for parents results in a large number of parent volunteers, whose presence is valued immensely.
As a residential community for 105 boarding students, our 41-acre campus remains active even after the final school bell has rung for the day. More than 40 faculty, staff and their families live on campus, many of whom, are married and have young children. Several pets can also be counted among our extended family. Boarding students are included in Fessenden’s family-oriented environment. Adolescent boys need freedom and fun, but also objective, non-judgmental listeners at times. They can find these things anytime in the safety of the Fessenden campus.
We respect individual differences. Ongoing diversity programs, an international student body and student affinity groups all provide an opportunity for boarding and day students to learn about each other. School-wide events, such as Foreign Language Week and the Lower School Foreign Country Month, encourage the community to celebrate the world and recognize our differences and similarities.
After 100 years, Fessenden continues its focus and commitment to the education of boys at a time when many schools have become co-educational. Our facilities, curriculum and programs are designed with the necessities of boys in mind. Faculty programs include continued professional development regarding the education of boys in our changing society. Contemporary knowledge about boys, combined with our historical perspectives and expectations, allows Fessenden to continue its mission of educating boys today.
When Fessenden rang its first opening bell in 1903, there were eight boarders and three day students. Now with 480 students, we strive to honor Frederick Fessenden, our founder’s words: “We hold dear what has worked best over time: Unapologetically high standards and a healthy respect for individual differences.”