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The Gifford School


3 minutes/1.22 miles from Weston Center
100 Coed students, 8 to 18 years

The Gifford School provides educational and clinical services for students with special academic, behavioral and emotional needs. We are committed to helping students increase their self-esteem, gain academic knowledge, develop social skills, and achieve success. We acknowledge and support the importance of cultural and racial diversity and believe in a multicultural environment. All aspects of our program will strive to reflect this commitment.
The Gifford School is a community and students are encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of day-to-day school life. To balance out the individualized nature of our daily program, students have full access to a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular programs in an effort to encourage group interaction and interpersonal connection.
Giffords rich school life extends well beyond the academic and clinical program. With choices in athletics, creative arts, student government, technology, culinary arts and our many student interest clubs, there is most certainly something for everyone.
With support and guidance, students are encouraged to accept an increasing responsibility for the shared environment and a growing sense of caring for fellow students and staff.