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The Learning Zone


8 minutes/2.78 miles from Weston Center
Coed students, 3 months to 7 years years

The need for childcare for young children of working parents is immutable. Parents work in times of economic growth as well as during periods of severe financial decline. As parents of young children increasingly experience the periods of our unstable economy, the need for both parents to work outside the home becomes necessary. Dependable childcare remains the vital key to family's economic survival in today's society.
To provide safe and nurturing childcare, one needs an atmosphere that builds strong emotional foundations, as well as basic building blocks. Children must feel safe to explore, in order to begin the learning process. The Learning Zone philosophy is based on this premise. Studies show that children learn and retain the most information through educational stimulated play. Our program therefore encourages play, while leaving room for individuality in a structured setting. At The Learning Zone, we incorporate developmentally appropriate activities, while allowing children to make individual choices.
We encourage parents to visit the center throughout the day. There is no need to call to let us know you are coming. After all, they are your children and you should visit them whenever you wish.
The Learning Zone believes that children strive in a setting that is safe, nurturing, educational, as well as challenging. Our curriculum has structure, while encouraging a child to realize their control, by making individual choices. This process helps a child build a positive self-image. We believe in maintaining an on- going relationship with parents that is open and free. The communication between parents and staff is an essential part of a growth-providing environment for the children. The Learning Zone welcomes parental involvement at all of its program levels: Administrative, Educational, and Recreational.