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Meadowbrook School


13 minutes/ 8.85 miles from Weston Center
240 Coed students, grades Pre-K to 8.
Student/Faculty ratio: 7:1.

Meadowbrook is a school with high academic, ethical and social standards, whose mission is to provide a nurturing experience for each student in an intentionally small learning environment.
Discovery, excitement, mastery, and independence: the hallmarks of Meadowbrooks unique and distinguished brand of education. We have confidence in our mission, a wonderful community of teachers, learners and families that support it, and we continue to determinedly maintain the excellence and individuality that sets our school apart.
"Here you can do anything. Some of the classes are hard, but I already know more than my older friends who go to other schools. I like that feeling, and I cant wait for middle school." Fifth grader
"At my old school, we had generic art class once a week where everyone did the same thing. When I came to Meadowbrook, it was really different. I got to choose which arts I was taking. I took woodworking, drama, and wire sculpture. I loved it." Seventh grader
"Ive played on competitive sports teams each season against area independent schools. Thats been great, and I also appreciate that at Meadowbrook you can try all sorts of different things, like rope climbing." Eighth grader
"Coming to a new school last year, I was worried about making friends and fitting in. At Meadowbrook, it was easy. Everyone was so welcoming. It feels like its been my place for a long time." Sixth grader