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Noble and Greenough School


19 minutes/ 11.7 miles from Weston Center
567 Coed students, grades 7 to 12.

7/8th grade= 111 students.
9-12th grade= 456 students.
Average class size: 14 Student/Teacher ratio 1:6
Noble and Greenough School is a rigorous academic community that strives for excellence in its classroom teaching, intellectual growth in its students and commitment to the arts, athletics and service to others.
Our diverse community draws together the range of experience from people of different backgrounds and promotes the principles of respect for self and for others in all its activities.
Further, the school encourages students to develop within themselves qualities of curiosity, integrity, civility and humor. Nobles believes in the educational benefit of a supportive environment. The caring relationships between faculty and students develop confidence within young people and encourage them to work toward their highest potential.
All good schools talk about what wonderful communities they are, but you can actually gauge their efforts by looking at how they create community time in their daily schedules. Nobles has committed itself to an Assembly at the start of the day, four days a week, to gather students and faculty so they can share values, ideas, laughter and information. That shared experience creates a culture and an ethic, and underscores a set of values that last well beyond the students experience at school. In that sense, it is perhaps the most critical teaching time of the school day.
Another distinctive aspect of Nobles life is relational. In his life Socrates modeled that teaching is about mentorship and, ultimately, relationships. Nobles has taken that essential element of a quality education and made it the focus of the pedagogy of the school.