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North Ave. Nursery


7 minutes/2.73 miles from Weston Center
16 Coed students, 2.9 to 4 years

Hours: 9:00 - 12:00 8:30 drop-off (M-Th)
Extended Day: M-F Until 2:00pm (M, T, Th)
Associated with the Methodist Church
Our philosophy is developmentally based, respecting the individual differences (emotional, social, cognitive and physical) in each child. We believe children ages 3-5 need the opportunity to play, create and explore within their surroundings. At North Avenue, teachers act as facilitators in the classroom to provide a loving, nurturing environment where children are given "freedom within limits" to imagine, explore and discover their world.
Our curriculum is a combination of thematically-based and child-directed activities that focus on process rather than product. It includes a daily variety of developmentally appropriate activities in the areas of art, music, creative movement, science, number concepts, language and literature. A childs physical development is also important, and we provide children with a balance of both fine and gross motor activities. Outside play is an integral part of our day. In addition, a trained specialist leads the children in preschool yoga twice a month.