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Park School


24 minutes/12.72 miles from Weston Center
543 Coed students, grades Pre-K to 9.
Student/Faculty ratio: 6:1.

191 in Lower Division
161 in Middle Division
191 in Upper Division.
The Park School is dedicated to excellence in education.
The cornerstone of Parks program is academic excellence, combining both high standards of scholarship and the encouragement of each child to develop to his or her greatest potential. The School provides a nurturing environment in which children can develop curiosity, express creativity, appreciate the value of hard work and discipline, and experience the joy of learning. Parks faculty encourages individual students to strive for intellectual, physical and moral growth, and to become contributing members of the community.
Park is committed to being a metropolitan, coeducational, day school of diverse races, religions, cultures, and backgrounds. Central to its mission is an appreciation of similarities and differences of perspective and the interdependence of all people. As a family school, Park is a community in which the dignity of each child, teacher, and parent is respected.
From the Head of the School
It is my privilege to lead this school, a place where all of us - young children, adolescents, and adults - engage in meaningful, challenging work and have a good time as we learn together and from one another.
At Park School, you will discover a dedicated, talented, and professional faculty who will delight with you as your child grows and blossoms. You will find a welcoming community that embraces diversity, academic excellence, and the joy of growing and learning.
Jerry Katz