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Perkins School for the Blind


18 minutes/10.36 miles from Weston Center
437 Boy students, 3 - 12 years years

Step onto our campus in Watertown, Massachusetts and you will first be struck by its beauty. Next you will sense the rich history we have as the first school in the United States for people who are visually impaired. Walk along the winding paths and through the halls and you will inevitably find Perkins greatest resource: the energy of the students and the passion of the staff.
Over 200 students populate Perkins residential and day programs, thriving on the guidance of an exceptional, interdisciplinary team of highly trained teachers, clinicians, residential and support staff.
Our students can enjoy an academic experience similar to that of any child, but also have access to the specialized services that are critical for their development into adults. Students also benefit from everyday interaction with their peers and friends and special programs in the community.