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St. Sebastians School


17 minutes/11.09 miles from Weston Center
350 Boy students, grades 7-12.
Student/Faculty ratio: 7:1.

ST. SEBASTIANS IS a Mission Driven School.
We believe that the essence of life is in relationships. At St. Sebastian’s, where the order of the day is love God, work hard, and take good care of one another, we nurture and develop eternal relationships with God and neighbor.
We engage in sacred partnership with our students’ parents – focused on the same goal: How to help each young man become all that God wants him to be in body, mind, and soul.
Neither arrogant nor apologetic about our Catholic faith, we strive to be the very strongest, very best Catholic School that we can be, and we are so wonderfully enriched by the many students, faculty, and staff, who come to us from other faith traditions, or from no faith tradition at all. Clearly, the message of Jesus Christ is one of inclusion, not exclusion.
When we express our mission – the pursuit of truth through faith and reason – we struggle to put into words the ineffable dynamic that defines us. By expanding our spiritual lives (faith) and by intensifying our scholarship (reason), we strive to become the most complete, most integrated people that we can be.
William L. Burke III