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Ten Acre Country Day School


20 minutes/7.39 miles from Weston Center
350 Boy students, grades Pre-K to 6.

Tenacre enrolls 18 students in Pre-Kindergarten, and adds 4 additional children in Kindergarten to make a class of 22. We add additional students in both Grades 1 and 4 resulting in classes of 24 children in Grades 1-3, and 26 children in Grades 4-6
As a school dedicated to providing an elementary education, we seek to nurture and challenge our students over a broad range of academic subjects and lively activities. We help them discover where they excel and what their best gifts are. At Tenacre, they grow into joyful learners, ready to take the next step in their lives and education with confidence and purpose.
We work hard to create an environment where each child feels safe, appreciated, and special. Within that nurturing environment, we work equally hard to motivate each child to excel, to work to his or her highest level, and to be a dedicated and enthusiastic achiever. When the balance between nurture and challenge is just right, children are free to express themselves creatively and take the kind of intellectual risks that promote academic, emotional, and social and moral development.
Everything we do at Tenacre is designed to enhance this all-important balance of nurture and challenge. Class sizes are small, so teachers get to know each child as an individual. Each classroom has two teachers who work as a closely knit team, which ensures more adult supervision and allows children who need additional help to receive it. Team teaching is one of those powerful concepts that enable us to do a better job of balancing challenge and nurture for each child.
Tenacre is a very personal school. One of the things I like best is meeting families who are considering sending their child here. We think of our school as a partnership amongst families, teachers, and students, so this personal touch is of the utmost importance. I welcome each student with a handshake when they arrive in the morning, and Im there to say goodbye to them in the afternoon. Its a great way to stay in touch with them and their parents. It also sets the right tone for the school - its an inviting place where students and adults respect each other and learn from each other in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Tenacre places great emphasis on a well-rounded education. Academics, art, music, play and recreation all come together to benefit the whole child. We are a diverse community with common goals: to develop avid learners intent upon the pursuit of knowledge throughout their lives; to instill confidence, self-esteem, and a strong sense of moral character in each child; and to unite students, teachers and families in a caring community of achievement, friendship, and mutual support.
"As a community of children and adults, we strive to work hard, to find joy and to be kind."
Chris Elliot, Head of School