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The Walker School


25 minutes/12.5 miles from Weston Center
300 Coed students, 3-22 years

The Walker School is a Chapter 766-approved academic day program for children with histories of high-risk behaviors, chronic mental illness, language disorders, learning disabilities, and/or high-functioning autism spectrum disorders. Typical students at Walker School may have also suffered from severe trauma, histories of sexual, physical or emotional abuse, disrupted foster placements, and psychiatric hospitalizations. At admission, 85% of Walker students are experiencing severe behavioral difficulties; 40% have a documented neuro-developmental deficit and more than 35% have complex language-based disabilities.

For many children at Walker, these problems have left them emotionally overwhelmed and have resulted in a history of failure at school. Their unsuccessful attempts at learning to read or develop math skills have produced in them an aversion to school that jeopardizes their full participation in family and community life. Our belief is that despite these serious challenges, these children can learn. And at the Walker School, they do.

With the help of dedicated teachers, child behavior specialists, and clinicians, along with an experienced supervisory staff—all working cooperatively with parents and families—students at Walker experience academic success, many for the first time. Walker students who possess the requisite cognitive ability, on average, progress one full academic year on individualized, standardized testing with each year of instruction at the Walker School.

The Walker School combines the clinical expertise of a hospital with a commitment to academic standards of excellence. We have developed a school environment that can tolerate extremely disruptive classroom behavior by some children without sacrificing academic progress and continuity for all students.

"In the two years since our daughter was enrolled at Walker, our familys life has changed profoundly. We have regained control of all our lives, we enjoy time together, and we now have hope for the future. We know that we still have bridges to cross and challenges yet to meet, but we no longer feel that we are fighting unknowable and unconquerable forces."