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Westgate Christian Academy


14 minute/5.9 miles from Weston Center
Coed students, 3-14 years

Mission Statement
Westgate Christian Academy desires that children will know and mature in Christ and develop to their maximum academic ability within a Christ-centered curriculum.
Similar to the Montessori educational philosophy, there are three stages of learning at Westgate Christian Academy: Foundation, Primary, and Intermediate. In addition, there are proficiency levels within these stages. Placement in a stage is based on reading proficiency and maturity, complemented with math skills, rather than merely chronological age.

Accordingly, children in each stage of learning are responsible for learning tasks commensurate with their development level. History, science, geography, Spanish, Art, Music, and Bible are taught to all children.
What special programs or activities do you offer at WCA?
At WCA, we are able to offer students these wonderful features that contribute to an excellent learning experience:

  • Low student/teacher ratio
  • Computers in the classrooms
  • Spanish and Latin studies
  • Field trips, drama, art, music as part of the integrated curriculum approach
  • Physical Education and Winter Swimming Lessons
  • Weekly chapel services
  • Science Fair
  • Musicals